MIX® Firmware 2.1

CRMX2 Update – March 2024

This is an update to the LumenRadio CRMX chip that is inside our DMG Lighting fixtures. This update will enable Rosco DMG Lighting fixtures to be used within the expanded universes that are available via CRMX2. The firmware and instruction buttons below are for the DMG MINI, SL1, and MAXI fixtures only. DMG DASH w/ CRMX fixtures can be updated to CRMX2 by updating the fixture’s firmware via the myMIX™ app.

CRMX2 Firmware Update button CRMX2 Update Instruction Sheet button


Note: The CRMX2 Update only applies to the CRMX chip and does not impact the fixture’s firmware in any other way.

DMG Lighting MIX® Firmware

DMG Firmware

Discover the features of MIX 2.1:
Available for DMG MINI, DMG SL1 & DMG MAXI
­(not compatible with DMG DASH or MIXBOOK)

  • Improved DMX profiles with better linear response
  • New Global & Gel2 profiles for improved workflow
  • Advanced Art-Net settings for LAN and Wi-Fi
  • New Wi-Fi 5.8GHz option
  • Updated display functionality:
    180° screen rotation
    Brightness control and OFF mode
    Bluetooth connectivity icon
    CRMX signal strength icon


Upgrading to MIX 2.1


There are two ways to update the MIX Firmware to 2.1: via PC or the myMIX app.

Updating via PC (Requires Windows 10 or higher)

Download the Firmware 2.1 Upgrade Utility and the Upgrade Procedure document below.
Follow the instructions in the upgrade procedure to install the driver on your PC and update the fixture’s controller.

Firmware 2.1 Upgrade Utility     Upgrade Procedure

Once the driver is installed on your PC, updating each controller only takes a matter of seconds.

Updating the firmware with myMIX
Make sure your myMIX APP is up to date or Download the APP using the links below:

Android     IOS     APK

The myMIX app is capable of updating a maximum of 4 lights at the same time.
Updating 1 to 4 lights will take between 20 to 60 minutes.


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