Custom LitePad® CCT

Rosco LitePad CCT is a tunable white, flat panel LED light source, providing even, indirect lighting. At only 8mm thick, LitePad CCT is perfectly suited to virtually any backlighting installation or to projects where only a cool, low profile light source can be used. LitePad's patented system is comprised of indirect LED sources machined into a cast acrylic panel. Light amplifying channels etched into the rear surface of the plastic sheet smoothly and evenly distribute light across the entire surface of the LitePad. This durable and reliable construction can be fabricated in virtually any size or shape and is easily installed.

LitePad CCT Tunable White offers all the same features of Rosco's standard LitePad product but includes a variable color temperature light output. Two separate channels of LEDs allow you to dial in the precise quality of white light, from 3000K to 6500K. Dimming and control accessories sold separately.


LED Placement: Fully Customizable

LED Spacing: 9mm

IP Rating:

IP61 Standard

IP65 available on request

Panel Thickness: 8mm

Maximum Size: 59" (1.5m) x 118" (3.0m)

Panel Weight: 2 lb/ft2 (9.5 kg/m2)

Operating Temp Range: -22°F (-30°C) to +104°F (+ 40°C)



CRI: Standard HO LitePad

Color/Color Temp: 3000K to 6500K - Full Range

Photometric Data: See Files in Documents tab



Input Power: 12 VDC

Lead / Connector: 20 AWG wire with 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel connector

Three Standard Lead Wire Exit Options: Corner, Notched Corner, Rear of Panel

Customizable options available on request.

Custom LitePad CCT Datasheet

Custom LitePad CCT Specification Language

Rosco LitePad RoHS Declaration of Compliance

Rosco LitePad CE Declaration of Conformity

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Class 2 LED Power Supply Data Sheet

OT DIM Data Sheet

Custom LitePad CCT Color Temperatures Video

Custom LitePad CCT IES File - 3000K

Custom LitePad CCT IES File - 4000K

Custom LitePad CCT IES File - 6500K

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Custom LitePad® CCT Color Temperature Profile

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