These large backdrops provide a solid-colored background for photography, video, and television studios. They feature grommets at the top for attaching to a track or pipe/truss, and a weighted pipe pocket at the bottom. Rosco Cycloramas can be constructed using fabric or PVC vinyl and are available in a number of different colors including white, grey, black, sky blue, and chroma key green & blue. Light-colored cycloramas can be lit in different colours to create vibrant hues in the background, and the PVC vinyl drops can also be used as front or rear-projection screens for gobo and video projections.

The chroma key green and blue cycloramas are an excellent choice for any studio that needs a digital compositing solution for virtual production. Rosco Cycloramas can also be used to create an “infinity background” or “infinity wall” by pulling the bottom of the cyc out to curve onto the floor. This creates a background that appears seamlessly endless to the viewer when framed properly in camera.

Our construction includes heavy webbing sewn along the top with grommets and ties for attachment, a pipe pocket at the bottom to slide in lead rope or tube and hemmed finishing on the sides. It can also be custom made to your requirements with no size limits. Seamless backdrops are manufactured with wide seamless fabrics such as Muslin. If seams are required then they are made vertical from a wide range of fabrics.


Weight: 200 g/m2
Width: 3.20 m, 6.20 m and 10.15 m
Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1
Composition: 100% cotton
Colours: Grey, Black, White, Natural and Sky Blue



Weight: 320 g/m2
Width: 2.00 m and 3.00 m
Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1
Composition: 100% cotton
Colours: Black, Grey, White and Blue


Chroma Key

Weight: 220 g/m2
Width: 1.50 m
Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1
Composition: 100% Polyester
Colours: Blue and Green


PVC Screens

Weight: 400 g/m2
Width: 1.40 m, 2.20 m and 2.40 m
Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1
Composition: PVC
Colours: Rear White, Front White, Perforated White, Grey, Black, Blue and Translucent.

Cyclorama Data Sheet

White Muslin Flame Retardant Certificate

Natural Muslin Flame Retardant Certificate

Molton Flame Retardant Certificate

Chroma Key Green Flame Retardant Certificate

chroma key green

Green Chroma Key

chroma key blue

Blue Chroma Key

chromadrop green

Green ChromaDrop

chromadrop blue

Blue ChromaDrop

chroma molton green

Green Molton Chroma Key

 chroma molton blue

Blue Molton Chroma Key

green digital fabric

Green Digital Fabric

blue digital fabric

Blue Digital Fabric

molton black

Black Molton

molton grey

Grey Molton

molton blue

Blue Molton

molton white

White Molton

muslin black

Black Muslin

natural muslin

Natural Muslin

muslin white

White Muslin

pvc screen black opaque

Black Opaque PVC Screen

pvc screen grey

Grey PVC Screen

pvc screen blue

Blue PVC Screen

pvc screen front white

Front White PVC Screen

pvc screen rear white

Rear White PVC Screen

white perforated copy

White Perforated
PVC Screen



Cyclorama-Hanging-Systems-2 - 325 × 250

Cyclorama hanging systems
 elastic band, hook and ties

Cyclorama-Hanging-Systems-1 - 325 × 250 px (1)

Cyclorama hanging systems
elastic band, hook and ties

e Cyclorama-Hanging-Systems-Black-Elastic-Band - 325 × 250 px

Black elastic band

Cyclorama-Hanging-Systems-White-Elastic-Band - 325 × 250 px

White elastic band

Cyclorama-Hanging-Systems-Black-Ties - 325 × 250 px

Black tie

Cyclorama-white-ties_web_size - 325 × 250 px-2

White tie

Cyclorama-Hanging-Systems-Hook - 325 × 250 px


Cyclorama-Pipe-Pocket - 325 × 250 px

Pipe pocket

ChromaDrop Green Bag - Horizontal

Cyclorama bag w/Green ChromaDrop

ChromaDrop Blue Bag - Horizontal

Cyclorama bag w/Blue ChromaDrop