Photo Lighting Filter Kit

A selection of filters, hand-picked to be the essential lighting filters photographers need. The kit contains one piece each of 20 different colors that color correct and add colored effects to the light in your shot.

  • CTO and other filters that warm up the lights in your shot.
  • CTB filters for creating cool-lit lighting effects.
  • Neutral Density filters for lowering the overall output of non-dimmable light sources.
  • Plusgreen for balancing your strobe to fluorescent lights.
  • A range of color effects filters to add bold, dramatic color into your shot.

Sheet size: One 12" x 12" (30.48 cm x 30.48 cm) cut each of 20 different color filters

Product Numbers


Photo Lighting Kit, 12" x 12"

Photo Lighting Filter Kit Data Sheet

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010 Medium Yellow
035 Light Pink
079 Just Blue
090 Dark Yellow Green
106 Primary Red
158 Deep Orange
201 Full CT Blue
202 Half CT Blue
203 Quarter CT Blue
205 Half CT Orange
206 Quarter CT Orange
210 .6 ND
211 .9 ND
247 Full Minus Green
285 3/4 CT Orange
298 .15 ND
701 Provence
764 Sun Colour Straw
793 Vanity Fair
795 Magical Magenta