Scenic Resource Gallery


  • Scenic Artist
    Batul Rizvi

1) In this production of Seussical, the Musical at West Springfield High School, many Rosco products were used. The backdrop shown used Rosco Off-Broadway Sky Blue, Pthalo Green, Emerald Green, Purple, Magenta, Orange, and Ultramarine Blue. It also used Super Saturated Fire Red and Emerald Green. Rosco Flexbond was used in the trees seen in front of the backdrop. The trees were made with muslin, white glue, white paint, chicken wire, Rosco Off-Broadway Magenta, Fire Red, Orange, and Flexbond.

2) Up-close in progress picture described in photo 1. Wet blends, two coat primes, and textural effects were all made using Rosco paint.

3) In the production of The Music Man at West Springfield High School, Rosco Off-Broadway Fire Red, Yellow Ochre, Magenta, Raw Umber, and Burnt Sierra were used, as well as Rosco Super Saturated Iron Red and Van Dyke Brown. We sponged many colors together to create texture to look like brick.

4) In the production of the Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe at West Springfield High School, Rosco FX were used with a fog machine to create an effect behind the stone table being cracked. All scenery present in the picture (table, trees) had Rosco paint used on them; Payne Grey, Van Dyke Brown, Pthalo Green.