Scenic Resource Gallery


  • Scenic Artist
    Sylvia Bagaglio

These are examples of oversized fruit I created for the boutique candy store "It'Sugar", while working for V.D.A. in Somerville, MA. They were installed in the Atlantic City location, and hang on the Sugar Tree, where the gummy candies are displayed. The peach is approximately 22" tall, the strawberry and grapefruit segment are each about 16" tall.
I carved them from bead foam, then they were hard-coated with a poly-resin and sanded. I used both hand-brush and spray techniques, with ROSCO Off Broadway and Supersaturated colors. The mixability of ROSCO colors allowed me to match the candy examples provided by the client. The last step was coating with a transparent glimmer dust and clear coat to mimic the sugar coating on the candies.